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Advanced Custom Tags

Presented By Ben Nadel

Learn how to use ColdFusion custom tags to their fullest extent. Content covers parent-child relationships, looping, custom execution, etc.

Charting with ColdFusion and Flex

Presented By Andrew Schwabe

Covers examples of how to pull data from ColdFusion into Flex for charts, and how to use the Flex/Ajax bridge to push chart data into Flex.

Digging through the Flex Framework

Presented By Javier Julio

To grow as a Flex developer there is one particular habit you want to develop. The curiosity to dig through the Flex framework source. As you develop more complex software you’ll realize what Flex offers out of the box isn’t always enough. I’ll discuss some tips to best prepare and demonstrate some real world examples to motivate you into digging through the Flex framework.

Flex-a-sketch: Creating online drawing and image creation tools

Presented By Simon Free

Google Webmaster Tools, What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Presented By Michael Dinowitz

A description are coming soon

Practical Code Generation

Presented By Peter Bell

Learn how to generate your applications in a fraction of the time by using the latest techniques proven to reduce application development times - from Software Product Lines to Domain Specific Languages.


Presented By Elliott Sprehn


Presented By Elliott Sprehn

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