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Peter Bell

Peter Bell is a passionate advocate of Application Generation and meta-programming in ColdFusion and writes the popular Application Generation blog ( He has lectured both locally and nationally on using ColdFusion for application generation and to create software product lines and runs a company ( that generates custom applications quickly and cost effectively.

Michael Dinowitz

Michael Dinowitz has been programming in ColdFusion since early 1995 and it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon. His accomplishments include: President and Head of RT&T (Research, Training & TroubleShooting) at House of Fusion, a ColdFusion consulting shop; Hosting the high volume CF-Talk list (as well as others) out of House of Fusion (; Publishing Fusion Authority, the House of Fusion Technical Magazine (; and many more activities that strengthen and advance the ColdFusion community.

Simon Free

Simon works at Nylon Technology as a Senior Developer and Lead Engineer on several high profile projects. These range from a start-up athlete skin care shopping cart application to a full blown CMS requiring multiple workflows for publishing and editing several types of content, to messaging and event management requiring the integration of a variety of different technologies including ColdFusion, Flex, InDesign, Air and Blaze DS / LiveCycle DS. Constantly learning, Simon is always looking for new challenges and reports those discoveries on his blog

Javier Julio

Javier Julio is a Software Developer at Arc90, a group of strategists, designers and technologists passionate about creating compelling web applications. He started working in ColdFusion and other server side technologies back in 2004 but since 2007 has transitioned fully to client side development. At Arc90 he develops various Flex clients, particularly modules that interact with a collection of RESTful web services. He has built Flex applications that interact with ColdFusion through Flash Remoting and has grown fond of developing in AIR. He also has a knack for building custom UI components.

Ben Nadel

Ben Nadel is the chief software engineer at Epicenter Consulting, a boutique software company in New York City that specialized in developing high-end, customized business solutions with a focus on company extranets. There, he designs and develops rich, web-based software using Interface-Driven Architecture (IDA) - a development methodology that he evangelizes as the one true way to ensure software success. Ben Nadel is also an Adobe Community Expert as well as a certified Adobe ColdFusion developer. As part of his "community expert" duties, he is manager of the New York City ColdFusion user group and authors, one of the more popular ColdFusion development blogs.

Andrew Schwabe

Andrew C. Schwabe is currently the President of IEXP Software, LLC and is a veteran CFML developer since 1998. Prior to working with IEXP, Andrew worked for 10 years as the President and Chairman of the Board of Internet Expressions, Inc. He has been the forerunner in developing numerous applications ranging from the free - CFX_RawSocket (a Java Custom Tag for ColdFusion) - to FusionDox (enterprise-level document management). Andrew has been deeply involved in developing many of these applications from the ground up, enhancing and using the ColdFusion platform to its fullest potential. In addition to his extensive ColdFusion experience, Andrew has been recognized in the business community, receiving the coveted Dale Carnegie Highest Achievement Award.

Elliott Sprehn

Elliott is a software engineer at TeraTech, Inc. and the lead developer for the Conferences department. He has worked on a variety of projects that include network services, realtime messaging systems, survey processors and most commonly web applications. As a strong advocate of web standards and accessibility he volunteers his free time to help new developers learn standards and best practices. He is also proponent of design patterns and draws his vision about application design from experience with many languages that include ColdFusion, Java, ruby and php.

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