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Adobe Spry for the ColdFusion Guy


Raymond will talk about the Spry AJAX framework from Adobe and how you can use it in your web applications. Ray will also cover how to hook up ColdFusion with Spry.

Speaker: Ray Camden

A long time ColdFusion user, Raymond is a member of Team Macromedia and one of the managers of the Acadiana MMUG. Raymond is a co-author of the Mastering ColdFusion series published by Sybex Inc, the ColdFusion MX Developer's Handbook, and a co-author to the "ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit". He also presents at numerous conferences and contributes to online webzines. He is a contributor and technical editor of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal. He and Rob Brooks-Bilson created and run the Common Function Library Project, an open source repository of ColdFusion UDFs. You can reach him at Raymonds blog is at

From UDFs to CFCs


If you want your ColdFusion applications to be up-to-date you have to use ColdFusion Components (CFCs). To use CFCs you need to know User Defined Functions (UDFs) and some of the basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). This presentation will take you from the basic understanding of UDFs all the way through advanced CFCs and OOP concepts. No matter what level of ColdFusion programmer you are, this presentation will have something new for you.

Speaker: Michael Dinowitz

Michael Dinowitz has been programming in ColdFusion since early 1995 and it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon. His accomplishments include: President and Head of RT&T (Research, Training & TroubleShooting) at House of Fusion, a ColdFusion consulting shop; Hosting the high volume CF-Talk list (as well as others) out of House of Fusion (House Of Fusion); Publishing Fusion Authority, the House of Fusion Technical Magazine (Fusion Authority); and many more activities that strengthen and advance the ColdFusion community.

An Introduction To Apollo Application Development


Apollo is the codename for a new cross-OS runtime that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax) to build and deploy desktop RIA's. And of course, ColdFusion developers can use Apollo to build desktop RIA's powered by our favorite backend. Apollo is not quite ready for primetime yet, but it's not too early to get a head start on Apollo application development.

Speaker: Ben Forta

Ben Forta is Adobe's Senior Product Evangelist, and has over two decades of experience in the computer industry in product development, support, training, and marketing. Ben is the author of the best-selling ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit.

Are You Feeling Secure?


This session will cover a critical issue but often overlooked for all developers, Security! We will explore the common security mistakes, exploits and mitigation techniques. The session on both specific ColdFusion techniques and general secure web development approach.

Speaker: Shlomy Gantz

Shlomy Gantz is the President and founder of BlueBrick Inc. He has over a decade of management experience in the hi-tech industry, and an extensive background in application development, database integration and project management. He works with Fortune 500 companies around the world. He frequently presents in technology and management conferences and various user groups across US and Europe.

Prior to founding BlueBrick, Mr. Gantz was a Senior Consultant for Computer Horizons, working for some of the nation's major airlines. Mr. Gantz was also the co-founder and vice president of technology for CoreActive ACG, a leading provider of web based solutions.

Mindmapping for better programs


Do you want to write better programs? Maybe thinking about programming in a different way would help. Mindmapping is a way to visually work with ideas that was invented in 1970. Now used by millions of people worldwide, mindmapping uses both the left (logical) and right (visual) sides of the brain - so that we can more than double our productivity! Learn how to create effective mindmaps for requirements gathering, program architecture, project management and more. I will demo some mindmapping tools and given an interactive mindmapping exercise for attendees too.

Speaker: Michael Smith

Michael Smith is the President of TeraTech, a 17-year old Rockville, Maryland consulting company that specializes in web and database development. TeraTech has developed sophisticated data-driven web sites for a wide range of organizations, from corporations to government agencies. In addition to ColdFusion, the TeraTech staff also have extensive experience in SQL databases, ASP, HTML, Access, Foxpro, Visual Basic and more. Michael has been programming for over 25 years and has been coding in ColdFusion since version 1.5 ten years ago.

He obtained his MA and BA from Cambridge University, England and graduated in the top 10 of his year. Michael runs the Maryland ColdFusion User Group and organized many very successful CF events including CFUNITED-05 with over 800 attendees. Michael volunteers at ByteBack, a non-profit organization provides computer training for unemployed and under-employed inner city residents. He also is a frequent contributor to Fusion Authority, the ColdFusion Developer Journal and the CPCUG monitor.

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