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What is Express CFUnited?

Learn the latest ColdFusion and Flex techniques from expert CFUnited Speakers. Network with your peers.

How is CFUnited Express different from CFUnited?

CFUnited is a large 4 day event with additional 2 days of hands on classes. CFUnited is a show which surpasses many in terms of the attendee experience and what each person gains while attending. CFUnited Express is a one-day sample of what you can experience at the main event. We come to your town and bring you the best we have to offer.

Should I attend CFUnited first then Express? Or the other way around?

Whichever you attend first, your main goal should be to attend one CFUnited event each year. If you can, bring yourself and your development team to CFUnited. We try to bring you the latest in ColdFusion and Flex than any other event. We have over 60 speakers coming to CFUnited each year and that's a great chance to pick their brains and get your questions answered. Don't forget the amazing deals our sponsors offer only to CFUnited attendees as well.

How do I find out about the promo code?

Ask your local user group manager or email events (at)

Is there a question/answer session?

Most CFUnited Events at the end have time for question/answer session. The great thing about Express is that spending the entire day with a small group of people everyone gets a chance to participate in the topic of discussion. Lunch time is a great time to share ideas and compare notes.

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