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A Gentle Introduction to Transfer

Presented By Raymond Camden

Introduction to Transfer
Raymond will discuss Transfer, the ORM framework created by Mark Mandel. Basic concepts will be discussed along with some real life examples.

Blowing Your Mind With Merapi

Presented By Andrew Powell

Merapi is the bridge that allows your AIR and Flex apps to talk to Java applications on your computer. We will go over the framework, how it works and all that jazz, but what this session is really all about is simple: the demos. This session will contain the coolest demos you've ever seen including: The Merapi-Powered Robot, RFID Samples (with prizes!), TextToSpeech Samples, MS Office Integration, and other cool demos. Don't miss out on the one session that everyone will be talking about.

Build great applications with jQuery and ColdFusion

Presented By John Mason

jQuery has become one of the fastest growing JavaScript libraries on the web. It is a free and open source library which helps separate the ActionScript based "behavior" logic from the HTML structure. This makes your code very clean and flexible. Remeber how ColdFusion made your life easier? jQuery has the same effect in the JavaScript world. Plus, jQuery is a very responsive and cross-browser compatible. There's simply no reason not to learn how jQuery can make your life as a developer fun again. We will introduce what jQuery is and how it can add some life to your html based forms and pages. How it can work with ColdFusion and why you should start using it.

CF911: Tools and Techniques for CF Server Troubleshooting

Presented By Charlie Arehart

Are you having problem with unresponsive servers or poorly performing applications? It doesn't need to be such a hassle. In this talk, veteran CF troubleshooter and user group speaker Charlie Arehart will discuss various tools and techniques to consider when faced with a troublesome CFML server (many apply to CF, Railo, or BD/OpenBD). While some tend to dig into code and to focus on improving code performance, or focus on JVM tweaks, Charlie's experience helping hundreds of shops over the years is that often the problems come down configuration, installation, and administration issues.

Rather than take random stabs at trying many different "fixes" often found on the web, he helps people focus first on gathering the diagnostics needed to identify the nature and magnitude (and repeatability) of a problem, using tools and techniques (and logs) that come pre-installed or can be easily obtained either free or at low cost. When you know where (and how) to look at problems, their solution often becomes much more apparent. He likes to show how CF doesn't need to be regarded as a black box, and why you don't need to rely on the question "is it up?" as a measure of the stability of your server.

This is actually a small subset of a full day class of the same name that Charlie has offered (at CFUnited 2008) and may soon begin offering online.

Raffle and Q/A

Presented By Elliott Sprehn

We have lots of stuff to give a way! Including one free ticket to CFUnited!! We also would like you to ask Liz and our speakers questions.

The Life and Times of a Flex Component

Presented By Douglas Knudsen

Are you writing custom components? Finding that their performance is not so good or your code is full of hacks to get around behaviors unknown to you? In this talk we will take a deep dive into the Flex component life cycle covering the major methods you need to implement for performant well behaved component. We will be covering the three phases of life, the Riddle of the Sphinx, and what happens in those phases. How can you do without bindings will also be answered. This talk will be based on a article written for Flex Authority with the same title.


Presented By Liz Frederick

Introduction to CFUnited and our Speakers.

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