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Generating Charts with CFML


Support for generating charts with CFML was added in ColdFusion MX 6.0 and BlueDragon 7.0. This presentation will take an in-depth look at charting and show how to customize charts to meet your needs. The topics covered will range from the configuration of the charts colors and fonts to the generation of tooltips and drill-down charts.

Speaker: Paul Bonfanti

Paul Bonfanti is the Director of Engineering for New Atlanta and one of the founding partners. He has over 10 years of experience in developing server-side technologies using Java and .NET.

"Caching-In" on CF Performance


Whether you think you have a performance problem or not, you ought to understand the many ways of benefiting from caching in a CF web app. And they go way beyond the common solutions of query caching, template caching, and page or partial page caching. Whether you know what those mean or not, come learn about more than a dozen other ways to leverage, control, and monitor caching in CF.

Speaker: Charlie Arehart

Charlie Arehart is a veteran CFML developer since 1997, and from 2003-2006 was CTO of New Atlanta, makers of BlueDragon. A frequent contributor to the ColdFusion Developer's Journal (CFDJ), he served as tech editor until 2003. He's been a MM certified Advanced CF Developer and instructor since CF 4 and was co-author of the CFMX Bible. With nearly 25 years in enterprise IT, he is frequently invited to speak to developer conferences and user groups worldwide.

An Introduction To Apollo Application Development


Apollo is the codename for a new cross-OS runtime that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax) to build and deploy desktop RIA's. And of course, ColdFusion developers can use Apollo to build desktop RIA's powered by our favorite backend. Apollo is not quite ready for primetime yet, but it's not too early to get a head start on Apollo application development.

Speaker: Ben Forta

Ben Forta is Adobe's Senior Product Evangelist, and has over two decades of experience in the computer industry in product development, support, training, and marketing. Ben is the author of the best-selling ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit.

Robust Ajax Architecture


Ajax was the top buzzword in 2006 and now it seems like it has become the norm in every site. The key to a successful site, Ajax or not, relies on proper architecture and following best practices. This session will get you up to speed with Ajax development, leveraging JavaScript libraries, and building MVC layers and Ajax design patterns to reuse your existing code. Examples will use the brand new AjaxCFC for jQuery and show how to use the wide community support and plug-in extensibility to quickly add functionality to your site.

Speaker: Rob Gonda

Rob Gonda is the CTO for iChameleon Group and Editor-in-Chief of the AJAX Developer's Journal. He is an Advanced Certified Coldfusion Developer, member of the Adobe Community Experts, frequent contributor to the CFDJ and ADJ, frequent speaker at IT and developer conferences nationwide, co-author of Real-World Ajax, author of ajaxCFC, holds a BS in computer science and engineering, an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship, and he specializes in Rich Internet Applications and object-oriented architecture. You can reach him at rob[at]robgonda[dot]com and read his blog is at

Architecting Large-Scale Applications


Architecting a large-scale application involves unique issues and challenges not found in architecting smaller applications. Every part of the application needs to be engineered for maintainability. The architecture must be buildable by a team of developers with varied experience. Understanding their experience level will affect the architecture chosen. In this talk, Hal Helms discusses these issues and his approach to creating a flexible, maintainable architecture.

Speaker: Hal Helms

Hal Helms is a well-known speaker/writer/strategist on software development issues. Hal has a monthly column in "ColdFusion Developer's Journal" and has written and contributed to several books. His latest book is "Discovering CFCs" available at Hal holds training sessions on Java, ColdFusion, and software development processes. He is the author of the popular "Occasional Newsletter" series. For more information, contact him at hal [at] or see his website,

Introduction to CFCs as Objects


Since the release of ColdFusion MX, we have been able to make applications more powerful and robust via CFCs. Many developers, however, have shied away from using them. This session will attempt to alleviate some of those fears and inform as to how you can make use of CFCs as objects. It will outline what objects are, how to use them, and how CFCs can act as objects. It will also focus on using CFCs to create re-useable code which can enable your applications to be modular, easier to maintain, and much more flexible than conventional ColdFusion programming allows. The advantages and drawbacks of this approach will be discussed as well as a walkthrough of some real-world examples.

Speaker: Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell has been architecting and developing web applications for over 10 years using ColdFusion, ASP.NET, and ASP. His background includes experience running IT Departments for firms in the executive search and aviation consulting fields. Currently, Andrew is a Senior Consultant at Universal Mind specializing in ColdFusion, Spry, & Flex. He is a frequent contributor to the ColdFusion Developer's Journal and the Web Developer's & Designer's Journal. He also serves on the editorial advisory board for both the ColdFusion Devleoper's Journal and the Web Developer's & Designer's Journal. He is the co-founder of and a contributing developer to the MachBug project ( You can read his blog on everything ColdFusion, Spry, & Flex at

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